Family Vacation, 7AM.

EVERYONE AT ONCE: Where's Kim? Have you seen Macy? Where's Jordyn? Patty? Kelly? Has anyone seen Kim? Who made this mess? I haven't seen Kim all morning? Did all the kids get fed breakfast? Was it Macy? I think it was Macy. Oh there's Jordyn. Did all of you guys get breakfast? Kim is nowhere. Macy you need to pick up all these Tacos. Mom, you're so annoying. Is this a bathroom or a closet? Closet, but you can pee in it if you want. I didn't make those tacos. There are so many kids. Why would I even need that many Tacos. I think it was one of the boys. One of the boys made tacos last night. How many kids are there? I'm pretty sure Kim is dead. Can we count all the kids? That swimsuit is too revealing. We have all of the kids. Jacob get down here and pick up all these tacos. You look like one of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Welp, Kim is dead. Shut up Jacob. We didn't leave any of the kids at a gas station again did we? I'm not picking up all these tacos. The funeral for Kim will be at 3:15 today, after the volleyball game. You're picking up the tacos. We have an extra kid. Fine but I'm going to do it while making as much noise as possible. There's six here there should only be 5 right? It will be a closed casket since there is no body. Are you forgetting about the baby? Jacob spilled hot sauce on me! No, there is definitely at least one extra kid here. I did it on purpose. This one has red hair, no one has red hair. You could put some shorts on over that suit on the way to the beach if you want. Yeah, that's definitely not one of ours. If anyone would like to speak at the funeral I would encourage a theme of friendship be addressed in each speech, you know for uniformity. Mom you're being so controlling. Is anyone cleaning up the tacos? WHY DO WE HAVE AN EXTRA CHILD? I think Kim is on the patio. Just put the one that isn't ours outside. Is Kim on the patio? Jacob, I don't care who made the taco's, you're cleaning up the mess. I'm releasing this extra child into the wilderness. Hopefully it knows it's way home. Why won't you let me get my belly button pierced? Goodbye child. Oh, theres Kim. You can do whatever you want when you turn 18. Fine I'll pick up the tacos. Kim where have you been! I will do whatever I want when I turn 18. I took a walk on the beach. Has anyone seen Charlie? I just cleaned all this up and I'm hungry again. Oh, there were supposed to be 6. My son is missing. No he's not, he's right outside. Why were you looking for me? Oh, do you want a Mcmuffin. Actually I'm kind of cold, where are the shorts?